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When you want to search for a specific contribution or organisation you can easily use the filtering function.

More information on contributions

For additional information, choose a framework organision or select all and get a list of contributions from which you can choose to sort and get information about type of support (project-, programme support) or core support and type of strategy (CSO- or INFO-support) .

More information on organisations

For additional information, choose a framework organisation or choose all and get a list of all partners where you can see type of organisation (swedish, international och local). Four framework organisations (Forum Syd, Union to union, Olof Palmes international center and SMR) are intermediarys and cooperate through a three- step- chain with a swedish CSO as well as one or more local parts, while others work mainly in a two-step-chain directly with its partners.

There may exist contributions not presented in the list but are included in the total budget