Contribution details

AIC - A Democratic Palestine: Organising, Empowering and Advocacy of Young Palestinians in the Bethlehem Area for the Promotion of Democratic Values and Structures 2016-2018

Activity start: 1/1/2016 - Activity end: 12/31/2020

Strategic Partner organisation Diakonia
Swedish responsible organisation Diakonia
Local implementing organisation Alternative Information Center
Region West Bank and Gaza Strip
Sida department Unit CSO
Strategy South
Sector group Democracy, human rights and gender equality
Sectors Democr. particip. & civ. society
  Budget Outcome
TOTAL 660,213 660,213
2016 630,000 630,000
2017 30,213 30,213
2018 0 0
2019 0 0

Description, goals and expected results

Overall Objective: To Contribute to the Enhancement of Democratic Governance and Accountability at the Local Level through the Formation of an Institutionalised Youth-Civic Council to Transform Unjust Structures in the Bethlehem Region – oPt. Long-term Impact: Enhanced Capacity of Civil Society Actors to Promote Democratic Governance and Accountability at Local Government Level and Conduct Grassroots Civic Education and Engagement.  Indicator of Success: -Effective decentralisation and democratisation strategy of local municipal and governmental work is articulated, implemented, and disseminated among other districts of the West Bank. - Youth-led and youth inclusive participatory monitoring and accountability mechanisms are articulated, implemented, and disseminated among other districts of the West Bank. Specific Objectives: 1.       Democratic values, structures and partnerships are promoted and strengthened in Palestine's Bethlehem region. 2.      Mechanisms to increase national and local awareness on, recognition of and commitment to democratic principles and processes within society are established. Immediate Impact: Young men and women in Bethlehem communities are given a voice and platform to help co-create and shape the agenda of the youth council on local municipal work and accountability processes. Indicator of Success: 1.       Young men and women play an active role of as advocates of democracy through lobbying, campaigning and collaborative partnerships at both the civil and governmental levels. 2.       The youth-civic council is involved in monitoring, advocating and collaborating with local authorities to advocate for the inclusion of youth in decision-making and planning processes.

Results achived by the end of the activity period

This project mainly contributes to results within Democratic culture. Results will be reported later in the Global Civsam grant period 2016-2020