Contribution details

Samverkan och lärande, Palestina/Capacity Building, Palestine

Activity start: 1/1/2016 - Activity end: 12/31/2019

Strategic Partner organisation Olof Palmes Internationella Center
Swedish responsible organisation Olof Palmes Internationella Center
Local implementing organisation Olof Palmes Internationella Center
Region West Bank and Gaza Strip
Sida department Unit CSO
Strategy South
Sector group Democracy, human rights and gender equality
Sectors Democr. particip. & civ. society, Sectors not specified
  Budget Outcome
TOTAL 1,080,000 1,074,282
2016 270,000 135,000
2017 270,000 322,756
2018 270,000 352,242
2019 270,000 264,284

Description, goals and expected results


The project will be implemented in Palestine. The main target groups are the local partner organisations and the Swedish member organisation with projects in Palestine. The project aims to fulfill the Palestina programme objective using the knowledge, skills and experiences of all actors connected and involved in the programme.

Projektorganisationer/Project Organisations

Implementing organisation is The Palme Center in collaboration with programme partners.

Projektmål/Project Objective

Through networking, capacity building, experience exchange, result workshops, study-visit, etc. the project aims at full achievement of the Programme objective(s) for Palestine.

Results achived by the end of the activity period

Resultat från verksamhetsår 2018:

The Palme Center has conducted two networks for the local partners aimed to increase their knowledge in some topics that are important for the qualitative implementation of their projects and strategies. After the first network, 18 participants are aware that building alliance and networking is important for progressive change. They have knowledge and skills on how to do it as well. They even have identified possible alliances in coming years.

The second network was about Conflict awareness. Totally 22 participants are qualified to make conflict analyses and find a solution by using the OPC tools and The conflict sensitivity lens. This knowledge they use in their analyses of stakeholders connected to the project that the Palme Center support and to their activities in general.

Two partner organisations have written their strategy 2019- 2023 and one of them a gender policy. They will work in accordance to these two documents along with the anti corruption policy.

At the end of 2018 all of our local partners apart from one had developed the strategy and policy document about corruption and gender.