Contribution details

General Grant WIAM

Activity start: 2/1/2016 - Activity end: 12/31/2017

Strategic Partner organisation Svenska Kyrkan (Church of Sweden)
Swedish responsible organisation Trossamfundet Svenska kyrkan
Local implementing organisation WIAM- The Palestinian Conflict Resolution Centre
Region Regional Middle East
Sida department Unit CSO
Strategy South
Sector group Democracy, human rights and gender equality
Sectors Democr. particip. & civ. society
  Budget Outcome
TOTAL 450,000 337,500
2016 225,000 225,000
2017 225,000 112,500

Description, goals and expected results

The Wi’am Palestinian Conflict Resolution Centre began operation in March of 1995. Their office is in Bethlehem. “Wi’am” in Arabic means “cordial relationships” and developing relationships is the essence of their mission. The Centre helps to resolve disputes within the Palestinian community by implementing the traditional Arab form of mediation, known as Sulha, as well as Western models of conflict resolution within the occupied state of Palestine.Wi´am also has a special focus on women´s role in solving conflicts and their role as actors in the community. In an effort to boost the vast potential of women, Wi’am seeks to continuously develop programs that empower women in their roles of family (community) building, children’s education and leadership.

Wi’am aims to improve the quality of relationships and promote peace and reconciliation in the community.

Results achived by the end of the activity period

Resultat rapporteras i årlig rapportering till Svenska kyrkan.