Contribution details

AIC Grassroots Engagement for Transformation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2013-2015

Activity start: 1/1/2013 - Activity end: 12/31/2015

Strategic Partner organisation Diakonia
Swedish responsible organisation Diakonia
Local implementing organisation Alternative Information Center
Region West Bank and Gaza Strip
Sida department Unit CSO
Strategy South
Sector group Democracy, human rights and gender equality
Conflict peace and security
Sectors Democr. particip. & civ. society, Media & free flow of info, Human rights, Civilian peace-building etc
  Budget Outcome
TOTAL 1,260,000 1,260,000
2014 630,000 630,000
2015 630,000 630,000

Description, goals and expected results

This project aims at enhancing grassroots capacities for transforming the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through engaging them into AIC network and providing enough tools to design their own independent advocacy campaigns. By strengthening the network and connections among grassroots organizations from Palestine, Israel and internationals, best practices, tools and ideas can be shared for boosting their channels of communication with the general public (rise awareness) and decision makers (advocacy).  The AIC will work to conduct monthly meetings with several grassroots organizations and involving them in  long term capacity building process which will culminate in the Conference to be held in Hebron where all the organizations can exchange lessons learned during their advocacy campaigns and their everyday activities. All impelementation process will be monitored and published in different media items (videos, articles, podcasts, etc…) which will contirbute in raising awareness of the international community in general and in decision makers and journalists in particular.

Results achived by the end of the activity period

Results from Final report will be reported by June 2016