Contribution details

Youth Civic Engagement and Leadership Development

Activity start: 1/1/2014 - Activity end: 12/31/2016

Strategic Partner organisation Svenska Missionsrådet (Swedish missioncouncil)
Swedish responsible organisation KFUM Sverige
Local implementing organisation YWCA of Palestine
Region West Bank and Gaza Strip
Sida department Unit CSO
Strategy South
Sector group Democracy, human rights and gender equality
Sectors Human rights, Women's equality org. & inst., Democr. particip. & civ. society
  Budget Outcome
TOTAL 3,792,405 3,792,425
2014 1,306,742 1,306,742
2015 1,426,686 1,426,686
2016 1,058,977 1,058,997

Description, goals and expected results

The proposed action will seek to reduce the levels of poverty and social exclusion among young women and men living in rural communities predominantly in Area C by strengthening inclusive, democratic processes. The action will promote the participation of youth in decision making processes, promoting them as active agents of change that can contribute towards the construction of a democratic and free civil society.

Results achived by the end of the activity period

Results from the Final Report will be reported by June 2018.