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Contents of the database
Information on contribution level:
Detailed information is available for each contribution, including financial budget, outcome, results as well as direct links to local organisations.
Presentation of results:
A contribution activity usually lasts for several years and therefore it may take several years before it is possible to report results and to be able to assess  whether the activity has reached its set goals. Some organisations have chosen to present results annually, while others report results after the end of the activity period.
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The information is written in Swedish or English.  With the translation tool Google Translate up on  the left side of the contribution page, you can easily choose language.
Reporting during the activity year:
During the month of March, the Strategic partnerorganisations report the budget for the ongoing contributions for the new year. At the end of December each year the preliminary financial outcome is reported and the final outcome is reported in June the next year. The total outcome is presented in December under the tab "Financial outcome per year".

General information
Support to 15 Strategic partnerorganisations.

Sida has agreements with a number of Swedish Strategic partnerorganisations, currently 15, who report to the database four times per year. Funds are also granted to a number of international civil society organisations, however these are not available in the database.

The support is based on the principle that at least 10% of the total project budget is financed by the Swedish organisation itself.

The budget shown in the database includes only contributions from Sida.

The activities are conducted mainly by the local partner organisations in almost 100 countries.

A smaller part of the Strategic partnerorganisation┬┤s total budget consists of costs for implementing these activities.

The total budget for all the 15 Strategic partnerorganisations reported to the database, so far this year, amounts to nearly 1,7 billion SEK.

Sida's support to the Civil Society through two strategies
CSO-Strategy "Support through Swedish  Organisations in the Civil Society 2016-2022" with the overall goal "to work for a viable and pluralistic civil society in developing countries that act from a rights perspective for improved living conditions and for people living in powerty in all its dimensions for greater respect for human rights and a global sustainable development".

INFO-Strategy "Information and communication activities including organisations in the Civil Society 2016-2022" with the aim of "informing about Swedish development cooperation and promoting open debate, popular affiliation, strenthened engagement and broad participation in Sweden for a fair and sustainable development".

More information available on Sida's web page
Sida works according to directives of the Swedish Parliament and Government to reduce poverty in the world. It requires cooperation and persistence. Through development cooperation, Sweden gives support to countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Learn more about Sida's cooperation with civil society organisations (CSO) on https://www.sida.se/English/partners/

Questions and contact
For more information about the database, please contact the Unit for Civil Society, Civsam, e-mail: sara.hedlund@sida.se and ana.nunez@sida.se